OJLA crafts site design around nature and the needs of the human experience while making responsible efforts to conserve natural resources. The interaction with the client is integral in create a project that meets expectations, is within a project budget, and creates a place the community is proud of.  See More 

Deep rooted in OJLA’s profile is the synthesis of the built environment with the immediate natural surroundings, while taking advantage of the sense of place and community.  Designs can exhibit this interconnection by using local materials and plants, preserving natural resources and site hydrology, remediating soils, using locally available products and services, using products composed of recycled materials, integrating complimentary architectural elements into the landscape, and most importantly, incorporating client goals, listening to the community, and obtaining feedback on a regular basis.

Through an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, which can include formulated design charrettes; goals and objectives are incorporated into the end design.  This partnership encourages positive and constructive interaction between stakeholders, sub-consultants and other multidisciplinary team members, which contribute to a project’s overall success. Show Less